Adolescents (10 – 19 yrs) constitute 23% of Indian population (GOI). They comprise the second largest groups of population in world. In West Bengal 25% of population are adolescents. During the period, all children pass through phases of rapid physical growth and mental developments exposing them to the possibility of temporary maladjustment and late detection of adolescent problems. Understanding adolescents and solving problems related to physical and psychological aspect have not been properly received by the medical professions, as neither the physicians for adult nor the pediatricians are properly trained and practicing on adolescent health.

Realizing the need for “Adolescent care” in India World Health Organization (WHO) came forward in collaboration with Govt. of India (GOI) for constituting a National Task Force for Adolescents Care. Clinic based service along with out reach activities were initiated.

The first Adolescent Health Clinic in West Bengal was inaugurated at Medical College Kolkata, in Dept. of Pediatrics on 28th June 2002 as a pilot project supported by WHO and GOI. The clinic was initially funded by World Health Organization as a project  in 2002  along  with  other 7 centers  all over India . In  2003,  according  to  merit  of performance, 2 centers  all over India  including one of ours at Kolkata , were  funded  by Govt. of India  to continue activities. From 2004 Govt. of West Bengal continued to support this clinic till date. The technical support and collaborations including networking continued from WHO and Govt. of India.
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