1. Human Resource
    1. National workshop on adolescent health care on 17.8.2002
      No. of participants (Doctors) - 250
    2. Workshop cum training program on Adolescent Health for Pediatricians of Eastern States of India on 18.04.2003.
      No. of Participants - 162
    3. Training Program on Adolescent Health for the Doctors on 31.7.2004.
      No. of participants – 87
      On 08.10.2004 No. of participants = 60 & on 11.03.2005 No. of participants   = 61
  2. Material Resource
    1. Development of a questionnaire based adolescent health risk identification software in collaboration with WHO.
    2. IEC materials on positive and promotive health aspects on adolescents.

In a span of around three years the Adolescent Health Clinic has generated a demand of adolescent health service. We are planning a comprehensive approach in future. On one side is preventive and promotional activities along with clinic based curative service, on the other hand, a drive for capacity building to serve this huge population in a better way in future.



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